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Pagina-inhoud wordt niet ondersteund in andere talen.
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Wèlkóm! :) --Ooswesthoesbes 1 aug 2009 13:34 (UTC)

Dank je! :) Malafaya 1 aug 2009 13:36 (UTC)

Thank you for your correction :) --Ooswesthoesbes 26 aug 2009 09:25 (UTC)

Thank you :) I guess Aten is wrong then too? --Ooswesthoesbes 3 jun 2010 05:37 (UTC)

It's wrong if it is supposed to be adopted like that to Volapük. Some words not adopted in Volapük are used as they are but with the article "el". Example: El 'Manchester' binon zif Lingläna, since Manchester has no word in Volapük (I wouldn't catalog it as such). In the particular case of Athens, I don't know of any word for it in Volapük. My guess is that it is wrong. Malafaya 3 jun 2010 12:48 (UTC)
Removed it, according to vo.wp: Atina. Should I created Atina then? --Ooswesthoesbes 3 jun 2010 14:19 (UTC)
I wouldn't. Atina is not Volapük: it's just a regular latin ortography based on the Greek word. See how the genitive is made: "ela Atina" clearly stating it's not a word "absorved" into Volapük. Also, as it starts with a vowel, it couldn't be a Volapük noun. I don't think there's a Volapük word for Athens. Malafaya 3 jun 2010 14:48 (UTC)
Ah ok, thanks for your explanation, I'll keep it like this then :) --Ooswesthoesbes 3 jun 2010 16:45 (UTC)


I'm sorry for my late reply, but I've looked over your page :( Transliteration is a very useful tool when writing in a different writing system, so it is used here too :) I've add it to your Georgian page, immediately behind the page name. --Ooswesthoesbes 30 jul 2010 11:20 (UTC)


Hey, I had to revert some edits you made. In Limburgish it works as following for some words:

  • Name: Minnan/Letien (the header)
  • Adjective feminine: Minnansj/Letiensj (euverzètting)
  • Adjective neuter: Minnantj/Letientj (waordj)

--Ooswesthoesbes (euverlègk) 24 sep 2015 16:38 (UTC)

Sure, no problem. Sorry for my mistakes. Malafaya (euverlègk) 26 sep 2015 12:03 (UTC)