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Bot request[bewirk]

Granted per Standard Bot Policy. --Mav 3 sep 2009 03:01 (UTC)

Removal of correct interwikis[bewirk]

Please don't remove correct interwikis of categories. --Ooswesthoesbes 10 apr 2010 15:36 (UTC)

You mean ml.wikt interwikis? Problem is their category namespace changed yesterday (as well as and they have been changing things around. In Wikipedia, bot operators are having the same problem: links are invalid in one moment and are valid the next one. But don't worry: even if they are removed, I am already processing the ml wikis directly to make sure the correct interwikis are put (same or changed) everywhere again. Cheers, MalafayaBot 10 apr 2010 19:00 (UTC)
No, I meant the kw-interwikis. --Ooswesthoesbes 10 apr 2010 19:02 (UTC)
The kw interwikis are wrong, because their namespace has changed from Class to Klass. If you click on the one previous to the bot changes, it doesn't work. Malafaya 10 apr 2010 19:03 (UTC)
Class: automatically redirects me to Klass:. --Ooswesthoesbes 10 apr 2010 19:05 (UTC)
You're right. Curiously enough, the interwiki bot does not get redirected... Anyway, it should be fixed by a full category process starting on kw. Working on it. Sorry and cheers, Malafaya 10 apr 2010 19:07 (UTC)
Ok, thank you :) --Ooswesthoesbes 10 apr 2010 19:10 (UTC)


Your bot seems to have some problems. It removes valid interwikis from articles. As it has fixed itself at least once already: [1], are the problems solved already? :) --Ooswesthoesbes (euverlègk) 12 okt 2013 17:54 (UTC)

Hi. I just found out what the problem is (a change in MediaWiki's API) and I documented it at . The problem is not fixed yet (I already asked someone to try to fix it based on my latest findings) but I know how to get around it, so it shouldn't be a problem at least in what concerns my bot :). Thank you for your notice, Malafaya (euverlègk) 12 okt 2013 23:43 (UTC)
Okasy, very good. Thank you :) --Ooswesthoesbes (euverlègk) 13 okt 2013 08:18 (UTC)